Write access to med pros pha

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Write access to med pros pha

Services may not be reflective of the most recent changes in services. Completed annually, the PHA consists of the following components for the Service member: A self-reported health status. Measurement and documentation of vitals height, weight, BP Vision screening Review of current medical conditions with healthcare provider.

Focused exam of identified conditions as required. Cardiovascular Screening Program Services as required. Recommendations for improvement of identified health conditions.

Immunizations are offered in-clinic or through group events. The RHRP vendor provides all staffing, equipment and supplies Minimum requirement for group event is 60 total immunizations not 60 total service members Provide the space for group events in a temperature controlled environment with access to tables and chairs Enter the data into the appropriate medical databases after the event Dental Services The dental examination is a screening tool utilized by the United States Armed Forces to evaluate the individual dental readiness of their Service members.

Completed annually, the dental examination consists of the following components: All Service members without a current dental exam within the past 9 months will usually receive a new dental exam.

Service member completes health history.

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Taken with every dental exam. Will be recorded for every dental exam. No time requirement, to be taken if no pano is in the dental record, if significant change has occurred since the last one, or if deploying. Each Service member will be seen by a licensed dentist.

Review of Health History and appropriate x-ray s. Charting of all dental disease. Dental exams and ancillary documents are shipped to RHRP and reviewed.

All copies of records are digitized and stored at the vendor location Service Delivery: All dental services available individually or as a group event.

write access to med pros pha

For a group event: Minimum requirement is 50 dental exams per Group Event The RHRP provides all staffing, equipment, and supplies needed to perform all dental services.

Your unit is responsible for providing space for group events to include: Povided through the toll-free call center or on-site at a group event. You'll be referred for treatment or further evaluation if deemed necessary Physical Exams The physical exam is used to evaluate the individual medical readiness of their Service members.

Physical exams are only offered in-clinic. The exam consists of the following: A self-reported health history Measurement and documentation of vitals height, weight, BP, vision, etc. Review of current medical conditions with healthcare provider Identification and examination of potential health risks Collection and analysis of lab specimens as required Recommendations for improvement of identified health conditions and to minimize potential health risks Mental Health Assessments The Mental Health Assessments DHA4 and DHA5 are a series of deployment health screenings designed to identify mental health concerns, including post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and other behavioral health conditions that may require referral for additional care and treatment.

These screenings are done in order to ensure individual and unit readiness. The DHA 4 and 5 are required by all Service members deploying for 30 days or more in support of any contingency operation.

write access to med pros pha

The DHA 4 is designed to be completed between days and 18 months days after return from deployment, and the DHA 5 between 18 months days and 30 months days after return from deployment.

The DHA 4 and 5 assessments are the final screenings of the 5 part DHA assessment cycle that includes the pre-deployment health assessment, post-deployment health assessment, and post-deployment health reassessment. Labs RHRP will draw blood samples from Service members to meet readiness and pre-deployment requirements.

Army Reserve is responsible for processing, labeling, and shipment of all labs. Minimum for Group Events in 30 per day.Jun 04,  · The Medical Protection System (MEDPROS) was developed by the AMEDD to track all immunization, medical readiness, and deployability data for all Active and Reserve components of the Army as well as DA Civilians, contractors and others.

Duro-Med Industries amazing TheraBeads Microwaveable heat products represent a major breakthrough in moist heat therapy. Without the use of water or electricity, . PHA due date, including but not limited to the annual dental exam, immunizations, medical equipment, or labs ideally should be addressed prior to completing the PHA to ensure a status of Fully Medically Ready upon completion of the PHA.

PHA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is the link to PHA? What is my Username? MEDPROS for Army). If using a Navy facility to certify the PHA, notify the local Navy clinic to let MHA training prior to requesting access.

PHA Provider training course number: NMETC-FYPHA Training Then, complete the OPNAV /14 (SAAR) posted on the PHA. Nope, but I did hear from my CPT yesterday that some Joes were able to access MEDPROS and complete their PHA's using computer lab computers that are on a government network but aren't necessarily government computers (if that makes any sense).

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