Reflection on vision 2030

A Sound Social Structure Effective public institutions and strong and active civil society organizations that:

Reflection on vision 2030

To help reach that goal, the plan details major targets, such as the establishment of a sovereign wealth fund and the public sale of part of state oil giant Saudi Aramco, which according to some estimates might be the biggest company in the world.

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There will also be a limited privatisation of government assets. Such measures, if implemented successfully, would no doubt contribute to non-oil income. What is less certain, however, is what impact they will have on Reflection on vision 2030 lives of Saudi citizens. With a quickly rising youth population, there is little time to waste: Privatisation will not necessarily create the number or type of jobs needed for a growing number of Saudi citizens.

Selling sticks of Miswak, used for cleaning teeth, at a souk in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

What will Saudi Arabia’s Vision mean for its citizens?

Considering that high-paying government jobs have become the norm for many Saudi citizens, decreasing their availability could drive up unemployment among nationals.

Significantly, the vision acknowledges the need to create jobs in new sectors, such as military manufacturing, industrial equipment, and information technology, in addition to staffing the oil and gas sector with locals.

Such sectors are so specialised, however, that training would be needed to prepare Saudis for jobs within them. Further, the oil and gas sector, even if localised, would only provide a fraction of the new jobs necessary, since it does not require a large workforce. To restructure the economy in a sustainable way, then, Saudi citizens will need to receive the type of education both relevant for the available private sector positions and of high enough quality for them to compete against the existing large number of expatriates currently employed in these specialised positions.

Lacking an income tax system and reliable and recent census statistics, it will be near impossible to determine which families are, in fact, the most vulnerable. Since the Vision clearly states that income taxes will not be levied, there will not be a straightforward means to determine which Saudis are worse off economically.

Social impacts of liberalisation Housing is another area in which Saudi citizens face considerable challenges.

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It proposes to do so by encouraging private sector firms to enter the market and by urging banks to provide mortgage and funding solutions for citizens. In principle, this solution makes sense, since government attempts to resolve the housing crisis have been largely unsuccessful due to bureaucratic hurdles and the lack of large developers.

Further, where private developers have come into the Gulf, especially in Qatar and the UAE, they have tended to build projects too expensive for a majority of the citizenry. Privatisation, then, does not necessarily heal all economic shortcomings.

Aside from problematic economics, the plan also highlights government attempts to make social changes. It references the need to increase entertainment and cultural activities for citizens, with plans for the establishment of more than registered amateur clubs for culture and entertainment by The Saudi government, while aiming to decrease its involvement in the economic sphere, appears hopeful of increasing it in the cultural and social realm through creating its own civil society sector.

Social impacts of liberalisation

The social impact of opening up to tourists and more expatriates through a green card system would also be significant. It is unclear how the state will screen potential tourists or immigrants using such criteria, however.Economic development is an essential part of the Qatar National Vision , as the engine that drives progress by providing better opportunities and a better way of life for the country’s citizens.

Vision Jamaica Vision The vision objectives are to transform Jamaica into an economic powerhouse with a sustainable growth by thus becoming a middle-income, prosperous country. Our Vision for the Health Workforce; SHARE Personal Reflections on Themes from HSR Last month was a magnificent culmination of events for us global health dreamers, with the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR) taking place in Liverpool, United Kingdom, the birthplace of the Beatles.

Reflection on vision 2030

Chapter I - Vision and long-term Sustainable Europe strategy 6 a. Europe: a key sustainable development actor facing economic, social, environmental and governance challenges 6 b. Fundamental principles to enable the transition 11 Reflection paper "Towards a Sustainable Europe by ".

Reflection on vision 2030

Georgetown Comprehensive Plan (DRAFT) VISION STATEMENT Submitted to: A reflection of our values, aspirations and our shared vision housing to households of all ages, lifestyles and economic means.

* * VISION STATEMENT - Georgetown Comprehensive Plan DRAFT * Georgetown Comprehensive Plan. the elaboration of Vision should transcend political barriers and be reflective of national initiative, involving the participation of all relevant social partners/stakeholders/actors through intensive consultation and interaction; A proper reflection on death penalty is a necessity!

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