Philips implementation balance scorecard

Customer delight and employee satisfaction Financial value, growth, and productivity Indicator:

Philips implementation balance scorecard

Chapter 1 Defining Marketing for the 21st Century by: It has already happened. Unfortunately, it is unequally distributed among companies, industries and nations. Kotler on Marketing Chapter Objectives: What is the new economy like?

What are the tasks of marketing? What are the major concepts and tools of marketing? What orientations do companies exhibit in the marketplace?

How are companies and marketers responding to the new challenges? Companies can collect fuller and richer information about markets, customers, prospects and competitors. Companies can facilitate and speed up communications among employees.

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Companies can have 2-way communication with customers and prospects The New Economy: Companies can customize offerings and services to individual customers. The Internet can be used as a communication channel for purchasing, training, and recruiting. Companies can improve logistics and operations for cost savings while improving accuracy and service quality.

Which of these affords the greatest opportunity for established businesses? Which affords the greatest opportunities for new businesses? Discussion Question Marketing Task: Make sure the marketing department starts small and flat and stays small and flat.

Philips implementation balance scorecard

Get face to face with the people who matter most — the customers. Use market research cautiously.

Philips implementation balance scorecard

Hire only passionate missionaries. Create a community of consumers. Rethink the marketing mix. Be true to the brand. Negative demand A major part of the market dislikes the product and may even pay a price to avoid it—vaccinations, dental work, vasectomies, and gallbladder operations, for instance.

Employers have a negative demand for ex-convicts and alcoholics as employees. The marketing task is to analyze why the market dislikes the product and whether a marketing program consisting of product redesign, lower prices, and more positive promotion can change beliefs and attitudes.

No demand Target consumers may be unaware of or uninterested in the product. Farmers may not be interested in a new farming method, and college students may not be interested in foreign-language courses. See text for complete table PowerPoint Presentation: What precipitated this change?

Discussion Question The Scope of Marketing: A Simple Marketing System: What are the major forces driving the New Economy?

How are business and marketing practices changing as a result of the New Economy? How are marketers using the Internet, customer databases, and customer relationship management in the New Economy?The drive to implement the balanced scorecard at Philips Electronics came from the top down - as a directive from the Board of Management in Europe to all Philips divisions and companies worldwide.

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The directive went to each of the companies and their quality departments, with the effort in the medical division headed by the Quality Steering . If the powers that be would work with investors and developers to correct some of the blighted areas left behind in the last recession, the neighborhoods would bounce back.

Jul 29,  · The Road to Implementation Philips’ underlying belief in creating their balanced scorecard is that understanding what drives present performance is the basis for determining how to achieve future results. This article reports on Philips Electronics NV's use of a balanced scorecard as both a strategic and performance management tool.

The author examines some of the factors driving the implementation of the balanced scorecard, such as its ability to link vision and strategy with financial performance.

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Библиотека Ихтика [] _Изд-во Wiley Publishing (Для чайников). Файлов: , Размер: 20,9 GB. Philips Electronics implemented their first version of The Balanced Scorecard *Approximately 50% of Fortune 1, companies in North America and about 40% in Europe use a version of the Balance Scorecard, according to a recent survey by Bain & Co".

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