Gordons functional health pattern assessment

Term Papers Tagged With: FamilyHusband 5 pages, words Running Head: The family interviewed consists of a husband and wife whom both served in the United States Armed Forces, and their three children.

Gordons functional health pattern assessment

Gordon's 11 functional health patterns Gordon's 11 functional health patterns Introduction Gordon's functional health pattern is a method that was introduced by Marjorie Gordon in for nurses. This method provides nurses with essential guidelines and more evaluated Gordons functional health pattern assessment assessment for the patients.

This pattern consists of 11 functional health patterns. This data can be used by the nurses both subjective and objective to build patterns related to a different lifestyle of the patient Edelman, et. By using this technique nurses can more effectively workout for the well being of the patients.

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I have made the assessment on Mr. John's family using the Gordon's 11 function health pattern. I assessed the family by asking a different question from each category of health pattern.

The findings are briefly discussed under each category in this paper. The health perception of John's family revolves around the regular biannual checkups, using different vaccines for immunization of their children and taking all measures for healthy eating.

Healthful eating is the main focus of this family as the wife of Mr. John developed diabetics when she was pregnant for his second son. John takes medicines prescribed by her physician. Both husband and wife use to take different educational classes that take place within the community which teaches about the healthful living with diabetes.

Family members avoid smoking although Mrs. John had a history of smoking ten years back.

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Both husband and wife are occasional drinkers with almost drinks per month. The family is Christian and has strong religious belief. Nutrition Nutrition assessment deals with the consumption of food and other fluids according to the requirements of the body Jones, Nutrition assessment of John's family shows balanced nutritional requirement.

This family takes meal thrice a day with some snacks additional. Family uses large quantity of fruits and vegetables. They prefer to take fast food once in a week. The fluids utilized by the family are water, and teas however, they try to avoid fizzy drinks and carbonated drinks.

The lifestyle of the family changed totally after Mrs. By taking different sessions the family has now learned a lot over consumption of healthy and balanced diet after the diagnosis of diabetes.

Elimination Elimination assessment focuses over the investigation of the excretory system of the body Jones, The problem that may arise in the elimination issues includes constipation and issues of urology.

John's family does not face any excretory issues. When assessed it seemed that no one in the family had any issue of urination and bowel movements.

Sleep and Rest The assessment related to sleep and rest deals with the practices and time deployed for proper rest. This is one of the most important partsHow does gordons functional health patterns guide the nursing process?

Gordons functional health pattern assessment

How does gordons functional health patterns guide the nursing process with assessment of the family, do you find to be the most helpful and effective? A list of nursing diagnoses categorized by the functional health patterns of Marjory Gordon that relate to articles that appeared in the book "Concept Mapping: A Critical Thinking Approach to Care Planning" is .

Gordons functional-health-patterns 1. Organizing Data According to Gordons 11 Functional Health PatternsFunctional Pattern Describes ExamplesHealth PatternHealth Perception/ Clients perceived pattern of health Compliance with medication regimen, useHealth Management and well-being and how health is of health-promotion .

Different approaches would be required to apply assessment, examination, and interaction. For example, by interacting with a caregiver, a nurse should show the example of .

Gordon's functional health patterns.


49 likes. Gordon's functional health patterns is a method devised by Marjory Gordon to be used by nurses in the. A functional pattern assessment specific to the confused elder is included. The general assessment centers on ruling out systemic or mechanical problems in the brain.

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