Dettol hand wash market size

The brand started its journey in as antiseptic liquid, but over the years, it has been extended to a number of product categories like toilet soaps, liquid handwash, liquid bodywash, shaving cream and plaster strips. The growth trend in the last few years had been encouraging with shares showing an accelerated upward growth in most categories, but the team felt share gain could be much faster. The team knew that it had to address various challenges to achieve its ambitious target viz.

Dettol hand wash market size

Strong awareness amongst people towards maintaining hygiene Schools have come forward in providing lessons to the children to maintain hand hygiene habits There was a time when most of the sales was contributed by Institutions Offices etc but now the trend has moved a step further by rapidly growing in households With the recent Swach Bharat Abhiyaan, the drive to spread the message is becoming stronger with many brands actively utilizing the platform to get their brand message across to the consumers.

Dettol hand wash market size

Hand Wash and Diarrhea: Regular hand washing is the first line of defense from preventable diseases like Diarrhea. Diarrhea is the leading cause of death amongst children in India.

Tragically, every minute a parent loses a child when simple hand washing with soap could break the chain of infection. Banega Swach India Campaign: The campaign will also support the infrastructure for construction and maintenance of toilets.

A sum of crore is planned from RB for next 5 years. Not only the major brands are getting benefited but overall hand wash market is also growing owing to enhanced awareness and a power of heightened overall voice in the marketplace. Growth Drivers of Business of Handwash: Increasing awareness about personal hygiene and sanitation Swine flu.

Celebrating Global Hand Washing day in schools: It is celebrated every year on October 15where each year approximately million people are involved in celebrations across over countries globally.

Many schools celebrate it to co-relate with the overall cleanliness and hygiene drive.

Funskool raises its game

With this initiative, Reckitt Benckiser plans to reach around 8 lakh students in 1, schools by next year. New product delivery innovation: Reckitt, for instance, introduced a No-Touch Hand Wash last year, a first in the category, to drive home better hygiene standards.

The business of hand wash is certainly increasing and gaining a great momentum, and the consumption business starts from the early morning and continues till we take a sleep handwash post dinnerbut the overall purpose of driving the cleanlinessdrive is becoming better day by day.hand wash market However.

It is growing with a CAGR of 37% in liquid hand wash category Dettol is the leader in hand wash market with 53% market share followed by lifebuoy with 29% market share.2%. However, RB's emphasis on rural is growing with the launch of affordable packs of Dettol soaps, liquid handwash and anti-septic liquids in markets such as India.

Consider this: RB five months ago launched Dettol Squeezy, which is priced at less than half that of its regular pump bottle of liquid hand wash (available for Rs for a ml pack). Dettol Gold Daily Clean Hand Wash ml | ITEM Dettol Gold Daily Shower Gel ml | ITEM Dettol Gold Daily Shower Gel ml you will receive a full refund and you may re-order the item again or if you returned the item and want a different size of the same price range kindly message the seller once you have returned your item.

In liquid hand wash category, Dettol holds 50% market share. In Dettol was the leader in the hand wash category with a share of 53 per cent. Lifebuoy had a share of %. Dettol is a market leader in the liquid handwash market of India, with a market share of 61%.

The industry has been growing at an average rate of 20%.

Dettol hand wash market size

Dettol plans to expand its market using the Market Development Strategy, that is, by increasing users and increasing usage. In liquid hand wash category, Dettol holds 50% market share.

In Dettol was the leader in the hand wash category with a share of .

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