Consumer law essay

Law It also provides safety and information standarts, establishes liabilities of manufactures and products.

Consumer law essay

Law Discussion Questions Question 1 The case in discussion involves a juice extractor product purchased by Mr. Steve for use by his wife. Product liability is part of consumer protection law where manufactures, suppliers, retailers or distributors are normally held responsible incase their products cause injuries to consumers.

The scenario essentially means that a product such as the juice extractor, Moonbeam Pty Ltd was liable for the injuries that occurred to Sally under Australia Consumer Law. This is regardless of any existing contractual limitation of liability that was present.

In my opinion, if the juice extractor was a gift to Sally from Steve, this legal application would not change. It is because the product was purchased to perform certain functions that it failed to. Therefore, it is important for manufacturers to offer the value of money paid to the consumers.

Consumer Law Essay Competition - Law Council of Australia

Moreover, Australia Consumer Law protects any private damage caused by product defects. If the incident did not happen or the fruit extractor was in perfect condition, then the vase would be still intact. Steve is liable for compensation from Moonbeam Pty Ltd who is the manufacturers under the part in the Australian Consumer Law.

This particular law binds manufactures to be directly liable to any products that have been discovered to be of unfit quality due to existing conditions such as defects Grantham et al, In addition, the same law assures Sally and Steve for compensation in regards to injuries sustained by Sally as well as the damaged Vase due to the defective Fruit extractor.

According to Australian Consumer Law, products are assumed to be defective if the level of safety does not match up to the entitled consumer expectations. Rick ordered essential products needed in completing the job such as the ten cubic meters of pre-mixed concrete.

Consequently, he assisted his team of employees in building a balcony as described by Julie who is his client. As a consumer, Julie is guaranteed by ACL to receive services that are provided with acceptable skills and care. Besides, a service provider such as Rick is expected to use his technical skills and take all precautions that are necessary to avoid unforeseeable damage or loss.

Moreover, Julie has the right to receive the services that she had agreed to Rick. However, Rick being a skilled employee did not use his skills effectively to determine the quality of concrete that was supplied to him.

It would be legally correct to legally state that Rick demonstrated negligence in his part as a service provider Tsui, Julie needed and desired to have a high quality and durable balcony added to her home by a skilled company that is perceived to be efficient to such a service. However, she received unacceptable skills, technical knowledge and negligence from Rick Pty Ltd, contrary to what she had agreed to.

For this reason, Rick breached Australia Consumer Law that guarantees consumers from such kind of negligence Miller, Moreover, due to poor workmanship on the balcony that collapsed, she suffered loss and damage to her car.

Consumer law essay

It is able to sell and deliver products using a catalogue. ACL law of negligence requires the manufactures to bear the responsibility on their products by taking all necessary steps that would ensure the ultimate users of products such as Mrs. It is important to note that if Mrs.

Wotts is guaranteed by the Australian Consumer Law to sue Direct-By for compensations on her injuries because of their product use Lewins, It is quite clear that the marketing strategy employed by the manufactures did not place Mrs.

The warning that is printed on the product package was only discovered later after scrutiny as it printed in small writings, hence not clearly visible to the end-users.

Therefore, the manufacturer guarantees Mrs. Wotts compensation as the court will have to examine the relevant circumstance.

The agency ran an advertisement through media platforms promising consumers an experience that would guarantee them value for their money. In this case, the advertisement guaranteed consumers a fourteen trip to the West Coast of America where the clients would be fully escorted.

After the trip, she was frustrated, as she did not get to enjoy the experience promised by the agency. The travel agency contravened the Australian Consumer Laws since it breached two fundamental rules that govern advertisements as well as selling.

Advertisement agencies are strictly prohibited to engage in activities that are more likely to deceive or mislead.Consumer Law Essay Competition. Do you have a knack for writing essays? Are you interested in Australian consumer law? The Australian Consumer Law Committee (ACLC) of the Legal Practice Section is running an essay competition and are calling for entries.

Consumer Law Essay

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Australian Consumer Law Objective - This essay will examine key aspects of the recent implementation of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) , which is the largest overhaul in Consumer Law in Australia in the past twenty five years. Legal Essay – Consumer Law “Discuss whether the current law adequately protects consumers.” A consumer can be defined as someone who buys the goods or .

Consumer Law Essay Competition. Do you have a knack for writing essays? Are you interested in Australian consumer law? The Australian Consumer Law Committee (ACLC) of the Legal Practice Section is running an essay competition and are calling for entries.

Consumer law essay